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We can build Metanoia together.

A secure location for Metanoia has been donated. Plans have been developed. In order to build this one-of-a-kind refuge for adolescent victims of trafficking we will need the financial support of individuals and organizations from every part of our state.

Our goal is $2.5 million for construction and operations.

Initial Plans

  • Metanoia to house 16 girls, each in a private room with bath. They will remain at Metanoia until they are ready to function in society.

  • The girls will be supervised and nurtured by 4 nuns who have volunteered their service to Metanoia. The spiritual component of recovery will be non-denominational.

  • A volunteer staff of professionals, including physicians, nurses, social workers, educators and others, will provide services relating to their areas of expertise.

The Metanoia Home model is divided into 7 distinct categories.

The leadership of Metanoia Home has established a close relationship with law enforcement agencies, including Sheriffs and Louisiana State Police. This will enable Metanoia staff to work with law enforcement partners to determine which girls have been trafficked and whether or not they qualify to live in the Metanoia Home. Also, by partnering with the Louisiana Department of Child and Family Services, judicial personnel, and social workers, the Metanoia Home staff will recruit girls as residents for the home. Girls from other states will be accepted and underage victims of domestic violence will also be considered.
The Metanoia Home will provide the minor victims of sex trafficking with the opportunity to exercise in order to maintain adequate physical health. Medical care and dental care will also be provided at no cost to the residents of Metanoia Home.
Upon entrance into the Metanoia Program there will be an IEP (Individualized Education/Environmental Program) aimed at developing a plan to provide the girls with a clear understanding of how to achieve their human potential. Residents will also receive full psychological evaluations as seen fit by the Supervising Practitioner with treatment to assist the victims in overcoming problems. If drug and alcohol treatment is needed, it will be provided as well as other counseling programs.
The program participants will be given the opportunity to attend a Spiritual Awareness class, where they can explore their spirituality and spend time in self-reflection. Optional Bible studies will be provided to all residents willing to participate.
These children have often been robbed of learning seemingly simple household skills from a parent/guardian. The staff at the home will dedicate time to teach things these skills. The residents will have many opportunities to participate in group outings with the Metanoia Home staff members and interns. They will take both financial management and vocational training courses, including the uses of computers. In short, the residents will be taught life skills and future employment skills so they can become self-sufficient and independent when released from the facility.
Home school education will be provided to all residents of the recovery home. Home schooling allows the children to learn at an appropriate pace without the fear and distractions. This provides security and the best possible learning environment for the girls. Each girls IEP will determine their path. Education is the key to help these girls break the cycle dependency on traffickers and become self-confident and independent as they transition back into a healthy lifestyle.
Upon completion of the Metanoia Home program, girls will be reintegrated into society. The Metanoia Home staff will ensure that each participant is provided proper continuing education and psychotherapy, appropriate employment, and a safe, comfortable living situation after leaving the home. Ideally, minors who will be placed in foster care will have monitored interactions with those who would possibly serve as their future foster care parents while still living in the home, and they may be transferred to foster care after completing the Metanoia Home program. Girls reaching 18 who are not ready to re-enter society will be allowed to remain until age 24 or given the opportunity to attend other Homes for adults. The option for GED classes will be provided to participants who do not finish high school.

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