Adolescent Human Trafficking is a major criminal activity in Louisiana

Human trafficking is not just an issue in foreign countries. It’s a real issue across America and, now, throughout our own State.

According to national statistics, one of the busiest trafficking corridors stretches from Houston to New Orleans. The victims ultimately reach virtually every corner of Louisiana.

The average age of a trafficking victim is 13.

These children come from every walk of life – some abducted, others lured by traffickers. They are then transported to other states where they are forced to perform sexual acts, sometimes as often as 20 times a day.

The impact on trafficked children is devastating.

The victims of human trafficking are nothing more than income-producing property for their handlers. They have each been robbed of their childhood. There is no joy in their lives.

Through stepped-up law enforcement efforts in Louisiana more and more children are being rescued from trafficking in every part of our state.

What is missing is a safe and secure place…

A place where caring adults can help these terribly damaged children heal emotionally, physically and spiritually. It will be a place of recovery, of learning and of preparation to function in society when they reach adulthood.

This place has a name: Metanoia


It is a word of ancient Greek origin meaning “the journey of changing one’s mind, heart, self or way of life.” A term often used by St. Paul in his writings.